Future Materials Engineering and Industry Application

Volume 365

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.365

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Authors: Pei Hao Li, Wen Jun Qu

Abstract: Biodeposition treatment had been proposed as alternative techniques for improvement in the durability of concrete structures. Laboratory...

Authors: Fu Sen Li, Yang Chen

Abstract: The luminescent rare-earth nanomaterials have great potential in the biological and biomedical applications due to their unique optical...

Authors: Chong Da Li, Lin Li, Guo Qin Liu, Li Juan Han

Abstract: The optimal preparation conditions of sea buckthorn oil-poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres were studied via the...

Authors: Bo Yu, Yu Lu, Chun Yan Ma, Chu Ying Tang

Abstract: Labadou was prepared according to the traditional technology of Southern China and its aqueous extract (AEL) was obtained. The oxygen...

Authors: Fu Chang Shu, Yue Hui She, Zheng Liang Wang, Shu Qiong Kong

Abstract: Biotechnological nutrient flooding was applied to the North block of the Kongdian Oilfield during 2001-2005. The biotechnology involved the...

Authors: Tao Xiong, Yin Huang, Ming Yong Xie

Abstract: MRS culture medium was used as the basic medium for optimizing the fermented condition of Lactobacillus. rhamnosus. The four significant...

Authors: Yue Hui She, Fu Chang Shu, Fan Zhang, Zheng Liang Wang, Shu Qiong Kong, Long Jiang Yu

Abstract: Two strains of bacteria degrading polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were isolated using enrichment cultures of various heavy crude oil...

Authors: Yue Hui She, Fu Chang Shu, Zheng Liang Wang, Long Jiang Yu

Abstract: Culture-based techniques were applied to analyze the diversity of indigenous microbial communities in the Qinghai middle salinity petroleum...

Authors: Yuan Li She, Xiu Ting Li, Bao Guo Sun, Yue Gang Lv, Hong Xia Song

Abstract: Xylanase has a wide range of potential biotechnological applications in pulp and bleaching processes, textile industries, food and bread...

Authors: Xue Ling Zheng, Li Min Li, Qi Wang

Abstract: Crude β-glucans were prepared from hull-less barley roller-milled fractions by aqueous sodium carbonate ( pH10). β-Glucan preparations from...


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