Future Materials Engineering and Industry Application

Volume 365

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.365

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Authors: Xue Ling Zheng, Li Min Li, Qi Wang

Abstract: Arabinoxylans were prepared from bran, shorts and flour, three wheat milling fractions. The yields of bran arabinoxylan (WBAX), shorts...

Authors: Lin Lin Gao, Fu Rong Li, Yan Hong Si, Shu Cun Qin

Abstract: Paris Polyphylla Smith is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. For its effective of antipyretic detoxicate, its active component is...

Authors: Shuo Liu, Ji Fu Wang, Bao Zhen Wang, Bing Wang, Wei Wan

Abstract: To solve the problem of eutrophication in receiving water, a novel Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) with combined configuration was designed for...

Authors: Mei Yan Xing, Ya Nan Lin, Hao Wang, Jian Yang, Zhi Dong Huang

Abstract: A Pilot-scale study was conducted to treat municipal wastewater by Biological-Ecological filter (BEF), which is composed by anaerobic...

Authors: Hui Luo, Yao Zhou, Yan Hong Chang, Lian Xiong, Lin Zhi Liu

Abstract: A thermophilic catalase-encoding gene was rapidly obtained by means a PCR-based protocol with the genomic DNA mixture from compost culture...

Authors: Jing Wang, Shu Jun Li, Camille Freitag, Jeff J. Morrell, Joe J. Karchesy

Abstract: Antifungal activities of essential oils have been extensively studied and these materials have the potential to replace synthetic biocides....

Authors: Li Nan Liu, Yan Ling Wu, Shi Kun Jiang, Tao Qiu, Hong Fei Zhang, Wen Zhang

Abstract: The ability of G-quadruplex ligands to induce formation of four-stranded DNA and stabilize four-stranded DNA make them able to inhibit...

Authors: Nyein Nyein Aye, Bing Sun, Xiao Mei Zhu, Zhi Ying Gao, Yan Jing Song, Masayuki Sato

Abstract: In this paper, certain investigations were performed in the following aspects: analysis of optical emission spectra which is used for the...

Authors: Shan Liu, Zhen Bo Zhang, Yue Li, Wen Yi Gao

Abstract: To study the treatment of domestic solid wastes in a landfill by leachate recirculation treatment, simultaneous comparative tests with and...

Authors: Xiao Hong Zhou, H. Chen, Z. Li

Abstract: Hemicellulose is generally considered a negative factor for enzymatic cellulose hydrolysis, but it was proved to be a positive one for the...


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