Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Architectural Engineering and Informatization

Volume 366

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Xin Shen, Wen Zhang Zhu, Ai Yu Li

Abstract: The geometric and electronic structures of Molybdenum chains are studied by the first-principles of density-functional method. The present...

Authors: Dong Yang, En Jie Sun

Abstract: Unambiguous and thorough knowledge of interactions between cells and nanoparticles was necessary for applications of nanoparticle in living...

Authors: Jun Yang, Ying Long Wang

Abstract: Detecting outliers in a large set of data objects is a major data mining task aiming at finding different mechanisms responsible for...

Authors: Zhi Yuan Mi, Zhuo Ma, Xiao Li Li, Pan Wang, Ying Qing Zhang

Abstract: Objective: To prepare a novel molecularly imprinted materials for protein recognition. Methods: Konjac glucomannan was used as fundamental...

Authors: Qiang Li, Fu Lin Shen, Guo Sheng Zhang, Wei Zhou, Kan Zhao

Abstract: According to ECE R94 and GB 11551-2003, the full front impact simulation against rigid barrier of double-decker coach at the speed of 50km/h...

Authors: Sheng Zhu, Yan Ming Feng, Shu Rong Feng, Wu Yi Chen

Abstract: Based on fractal theory, used the index of rockfill compaction characteristics(granularity fractal dimension) which conforms to Talbot curve...

Authors: Ju Mei Ai, Qiang Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses a variety of fission neutron yield measurement method, a D-T / D-D neutron yield monitoring of U-238 fission ionization...

Authors: Yu Hua Yi, Shi Lei Zhang

Abstract: Based on PTMEG and TDI as raw materials,a polyurethane prepolymer with low free TDI monomer was synthesized by molecular distillation...

Authors: Yu De Liu, Bo Quan Jiang, Zheng Qiang Xiao

Abstract: Electroless plating technique was used to deposit Ni-Zn-P alloy on low carbon steel surface. The optimal process conditions for the Ni-Zn-P...

Authors: Jiang Nan Zeng, Bo Quan Jiang, Zheng Qiang Xiao, Shu Huan Li

Abstract: Design-Expert 7.0 software was used to carry out the response surface test on isoflavones extraction from soybean. The three factors of...


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