Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Architectural Engineering and Informatization

Volume 366

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Wen Li

Abstract: An efficient near-infrared (NIR) quantum cutting (QC) nanophospors with Ce3+, Yb3+ codoped in...

Authors: Jun Wang, Wen Yan, Xue Gui

Abstract: The constrained optimization is one kind of mathematics programming, which was widely adopted in the engineering. The efficiency...

Authors: Jian Ping Li, Li Bang Zeng, Da Heng Mao, Hong Feng Jiang

Abstract: With the ultrasound was put into the experiment of cast-rolling lead alloy strip, it broke the dendrite structures and enhanced the...

Authors: Hong Wang

Abstract: The orthogonal test method has been used to study the effects of the concentration of SiC, the speed of mixing, the temperature and the...

Authors: Xiao Yang Lu, Xiao Li Lu, Li Li Huang, Yi Min Xu, Ying Yue Liu

Abstract: The internal pressure analytical model of elbow pipe and the research conclusions, which were established after the study of the influence...

Authors: Shi Wei Song, Ling Yan Yi, Hou Cheng Liu, Guang Wen Sun, Ri Yuan Chen

Abstract: With uncovered net as a control, the effect of color shading-nets (red net, blue net and silver net) and ordinary black net on growth and...

Authors: Zheng Hong Peng, Xiao Ming Luo

Abstract: In light of the current development of NoSQL(Non-relational database) and DHT [1] (Distributed Hash Table )is features, this article first...

Authors: Jun Wang, Zi Qing Li, Xian Wu Hao

Abstract: According to the design specifications and structure theories of prestressed steel-concrete composite box girder, a mathematical model of...

Authors: Zhong Hai He, Yi Hao Du, Zhao Xia Wu

Abstract: In this paper how to generate respiratory flow that has fractal signal feature is introduced. Physiological signal have fractal feature have...

Authors: Su Wen Li

Abstract: The CeF3 nanophosphors with Yb3+ concentrations from 0 to 8% had been prepared by hydrothermal method and...


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