Advanced Research on Material Engineering, Architectural Engineering and Informatization

Volume 366

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Fang Ni, Qing Qing Li, Si Dan Du

Abstract: Complex generalized basis reduction assisted successive interference cancellation is proposed for mitigating multi-stream interference of...

Authors: Lin Tao Man, Shou Ju Li

Abstract: Rock fragmentation processes induced by two cutters were simulated by ABAQUS software with different cutter spacing. A series of numerical...

Authors: Chang Gui Cheng, Le Yu, Wen Cheng Wan, Zhong Tian Liu

Abstract: The paper has established a two-dimensional non-steady-state heat transfer model for 2024 aluminum alloy solidification process under the...

Authors: Xu Fu Peng

Abstract: The function design requirement about handling, information management, information joint inquiry, signal communication, command and mobile,...

Authors: Heng Wang, Yu Min Wang

Abstract: By using Four-ball test machine, the anti-wear and extreme pressure performance of the lubricating oil that contain the ceramics...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Kang, Yang Yu, Hai Min Wen

Abstract: In order to reveal the scale, location and damage mechanism of depth underground tunnel this was excavated. Experimental study in the...

Authors: Xiang Hua Kong, Jin Tang, Rui Hong Sun, Qing Guo Liu

Abstract: MgO-PSZ tubes used in metallurgical oxygen sensors were prepared by powder injection molding process. The microstructure was characterized...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Zheng Bo Pi, Zhen Lin Mo

Abstract: In order to investigate the flexural bearing capacity of reinforced ceramic concrete beams, static loading experiments were carried out. 10...

Authors: Xin Wen Wang

Abstract: Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is integration of information systems and physical systems, so as to achieve real-time perception, dynamic...

Authors: Xin Guang Li, Yin Yan Wang, Qing Lin He, Ai Guo Zhang

Abstract: The experimental system was established in order to study the dynamic and economic performance of vehicle engine fuelled with LPG. Based on...


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