Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies III

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joseph E. Edeh, Adrian O. Eberemu, Onah Agnes

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the laboratory evaluation of the characteristics of lateritic soil stabilized reclaimed asphalt pavements...

Authors: O.M. Ogundipe, Y.A. Jimoh

Abstract: This paper presents the mechanical properties of sawdust concrete and its application as criteria for rigid pavement works. Sawdust concrete...

Authors: Thomas Stephen Ijimdiya

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a laboratory study on the effect of oil contamination on the particle size distribution and plasticity...

Authors: Thomas Stephen Ijimdiya, Friday Elaigwu

Abstract: Large quantities of oil contaminated soils result from pipeline vandalization, onshore and offshore oil spills every year in Nigeria. An...

Authors: O.U. Orie, N.N. Osadebe

Abstract: The paper examined the cost benefit of optimized five-component-concrete mix. Mound Soil randomly selected from Iyeke-Ogba in Benin City was...

Authors: Agapitus A. Amadi, Adrian O. Eberemu

Abstract: Accidental or deliberate operational discharges of organic chemicals or wastes containing organic chemicals induce geochemical reactions...

Authors: G.Senthil Kumaran, M. Lakshmipathy, Nurdin Mushule

Abstract: Concrete is an excellent structural material and considered as essential for the modern civilization and human society. Now, use of waste...

Authors: Kazawadi Papias Dedek, Mutuyimana Alphonse Marie Claude, G.Senthil Kumaran

Abstract: This study was carried out as an investigation into concrete products as an appropriate alternative for plastic, rubble stone and steel in...

Authors: Adrian O. Eberemu, Agapitus A. Amadi, Joseph E. Edeh

Abstract: Laboratory study on compacted tropical clay treated with up to 16% rice husk ash (RHA), an agro-industrial waste; to evaluate its hydraulic...


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