Computer Aided Costing (CAC) for Sand Casting Products


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A suitable Computer-Aided Costing (CAC) software program using Matrix Laboratory Language (MATLAB) for costing of sand casting products was developed. It makes use of product mix model that was also developed which was used as input for both the computer and manual calculations. The model and program were applied to the costing of products made from aluminum, cast iron and brass. The Computer Aided Costing (CAC) results were compared, analyzed and correlated with the hand calculated costing results giving a correlation of 99.9%.



Edited by:

Prof. A.O. Akii Ibhadode






P.B. Mogaji and S. B. Adejuyigbe, "Computer Aided Costing (CAC) for Sand Casting Products", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 367, pp. 279-285, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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