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Authors: Sofiya Jesudoss, Auxeeliya Jesudoss, Ashraph Sulaiman
Chapter 3: Information and Communication Technology
Abstract:The current day networks are under deliberate, continuous and premeditated attacks such as Hacker attacks, DoS attacks, IP Address Spoofing,...
Authors: Bello Lawal, Panos Bakalis, Samuel John Manam, Titus Eneh
Chapter 3: Information and Communication Technology
Abstract:In this paper, we optimized the performance of Ad hoc on Demand Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocols through simulation....
Authors: J. Agwa-Ejon, S. Fore
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:Cleaner production (CP) has been widely recognized as a useful approach to mitigate pollutions during industrial production. Small-to...
Authors: Olayinka O. Awopetu, Olurotimi A. Dahunsi, Adeyemi A. Aderoba, Oluwagbenga T. Johnson
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:Machining is gradually giving way to alternative manufacturing methods for titanium components. Although powder metallurgy based methods are...
Authors: B. Kareem, M.O. Idris
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:Conventional tool monitoring instruments are usually costly to acquire. The instruments are inadequate for real time wear measurement in the...
Authors: P.B. Mogaji, Samuel B. Adejuyigbe
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:A suitable Computer-Aided Costing (CAC) software program using Matrix Laboratory Language (MATLAB) for costing of sand casting products was...
Authors: E.H. Amalu, N.N. Ekere, R.S. Bhatti, S. Mallik, G. Takyi, A.O. Akii Ibhadode
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:The solder joints of surface mount components (SMCs) experience thermal degradation culminating in creep and plastic shear strain deformation...
Authors: M. Nemarumane, C. Mbohwa
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:This paper focuses on the redesign of the No-Limits Design Studio’s layout with a view to improve its organisational efficiency and...
Authors: K.C. Otiaba, N.N. Ekere, E.H. Amalu, R.S. Bhatti, S. Mallik
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Systems
Abstract:The development of advanced thermal management materials for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the key to achieving high reliability and thus...
Authors: L. Lerotholi, M. Carsky, D.I.O Ikhu-Omoregbe
Chapter 5: Materials Processing
Abstract:Pectin was extracted from dried lemon peels using acid hydrolysis. Five process variables/factors were chosen for investigation; the...
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