Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies III

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Abdulwahab, A. Kasim, Bello Kamilu Bello, J.O. Gaminana

Abstract: The corrosion inhibition of an aqueous extract of bitter leaf on aluminium alloy in 0.5M hydrochloric acid solution at various temperatures...

Authors: M.A. Bolarinwa, A.R. Adetunji, O.O. Adewoye

Abstract: The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) has been used to study the adhesion of red oxide primer on selected substrates. The substrates are...

Authors: N.A. Adewole, A.B. Ajibi

Abstract: Fruit trees are hardly ever sought for their wood until recently. Fruit trees like C. albidum is now being used for structural and...

Authors: V.C. Eze, Paul M. Ejikeme, O.D. Onukwuli

Abstract: Production and characterization of fatty acids methyl esters (FAME) from palm oil (PO), palm kernel oil (PKO) and groundnut oil (GNO) were...

Authors: E.O. Eze, L.E. Ileli

Abstract: “Shikoko” clay and dredged river sand from Warri, Nigeria were investigated for their use in synthetic sand moulding. Shikoko is a local...

Authors: C.N. Owabor, I.O. Oboh, F.A. Omiojieahior

Abstract: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons occur naturally in petroleum oil and coal and the burning of fuel and the activities of paper mills also...

Authors: Babs Mufutau Oyeneyin

Abstract: This keynote paper attempts to catalogue the key business drivers for deepwater developments especially for the Mediterranean, Gulf of...

Authors: E. Steve Adewole

Abstract: In this paper, which is Part I of a series, theoretical breakthrough times of different models of a crossflow two-layered reservoir having...

Authors: E. Steve Adewole

Abstract: When a reservoir experiences water influx, the actual source of the water often cannot be ascertained with precision. Thus well work over...

Authors: Amol Bali, Babs Mufutau Oyeneyin, Ebenezer Adom

Abstract: Criticality of rheology for heavy oil recovery is the main purpose of this paper supported by different results. The Bingham Plastic, Power...


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