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Authors: I. Amber, C.O. Folayan, R.B.O. Suleiman, A.Y. Atta
Chapter 7: Renewable Energy
Abstract:This paper presents the design and construction of a simple Zeolite-water solar adsorption refrigeration system which has been fabricated and...
Authors: S.J. Ojolo, A.O. Adelaja, G.M. Sobamowo
Chapter 7: Renewable Energy
Abstract:The need for renewable and environmentally friendlier energy sources has led to intensified efforts with respect to research in that area....
Authors: Tajudeen H. Sikiru, Olorunfemi Ojo, Boyi Jimoh
Chapter 7: Renewable Energy
Abstract:Manufacturers usually specify photovoltaic (PV) modules at standard test conditions of and , which may not be attainable anywhere in the...
Authors: A. F. Alonge, O. O. Oniya
Chapter 7: Renewable Energy
Abstract:A solar drying system designed on the principles of convective heat flow, constructed from local materials was employed in drying yam...
Authors: G.A. Duvuna, A. A. Wara
Chapter 7: Renewable Energy
Abstract:The utilization of jatropha oil in a small capacity laboratory diesel engine was investigated. The Jatropha biodiesel was obtained from...
Authors: Patrick Ebunilo, David Otiede
Chapter 7: Renewable Energy
Abstract:An experimental organic waste to biogas conversion mini-plant that works by anaerobic digestion has been designed, fabricated and tested. The...
Authors: B. Adebayo, W. A. Bello
Chapter 8: Solid Minerals Technology
Abstract:This study evaluates rock properties for correlation of specific energy with penetration rate and bit wear rate. In order to achieve these...
Authors: B. Adebayo, V.O. Akeju
Chapter 8: Solid Minerals Technology
Abstract:This study examines the characteristics of limestone formation as well as the performance of different tri-cone bits in limestone in Ewekoro....
Authors: F.O. Ezomo
Chapter 8: Solid Minerals Technology
Abstract:Geophysical survey based on “Schlumberger” array of vertical electrical sounding (VES) was carried out to study the quantity of clay deposits...
Authors: E.O. Ifelola, E.E. Bassey
Chapter 8: Solid Minerals Technology
Abstract:Obajana Limestone Mine is operated by Obajana Cement Plc, the largest cement company in West Africa. The mine is located in Obajana town 49km...
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