Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies III

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.M. Melodi

Abstract: Estimation of the respective productivities of men and women stone crushers in Artisanal and Small Scale Granite Quarries was carried out by...

Authors: E.O. Eze

Abstract: Three rocks - biotite granite, dolerite, and marble - were studied for the use of ultrasonic pulse velocity in predicting their uniaxial...

Authors: Jacek Uziak, M.T. Oladiran

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the learning experiences of mechanical engineering students who used Blackboard technology at the...

Authors: M.T. Oladiran, Jacek Uziak, Venkata P. Kommula

Abstract: Design activity is core to modern engineering practice. Some design experience is demanded by professional bodies that accredit degree...

Authors: N. Myaka, C. Mbohwa, M. Nemarumane

Abstract: This paper discusses the application of activity sampling in work and performance analysis in a tourist services company. Abnormal job...

Authors: J. Agwa-Ejon

Abstract: This study investigated how a further training and education (FTE) institution manages the culture of quality. The paper sought to adopt a...

Authors: Ladi Ogunwolu, O.A. Alli, Chidi Onyedikam, A. A. Sosimi

Abstract: Multi-item, multi-period production systems are prevalent in traditional production and distribution settings. A dynamic lot size production...

Authors: B.O. Akinnuli, S.A. Oluwadare, Adeyemi A. Aderoba

Abstract: : One of the key challenges confronting a production system is the accurate prediction of flow time (completion time) and due date of jobs...

Authors: B. Kareem, A. A. Aderoba

Abstract: Queuing model has been discussed widely in literature. The structures of queuing systems are broadly divided into three namely; single,...

Authors: Elkanah Oyetunji, Ayodeji E. Oluleye

Abstract: In this paper, the scheduling problem involving optimization of multiple criteria (or objectives) is explored. There are many variants of...


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