Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies III

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: O. Obodeh, F. O. Isaac

Abstract: Performance indices as measured by percentage of shortfall of energy generated, load factor, utilization factor and capacity factor of...

Authors: M.H. Oladeinde, John A. Akpobi

Abstract: Numerical analysis of a wire drawing operation to compute the stress distribution along the blank cross-section is presented. The governing...

Authors: Ralph O. Edokpia, K.O. Ohikhuare

Abstract: This paper utilizes a linear programming technique in solving the transportation problem of a beverage producing company in Nigeria with a...

Authors: A.M. Olaniyan, O. O. Babatunde

Abstract: A small scale sugarcane juice extractor using a screw pressing system was designed, constructed and tested. Consideration was given to the...

Authors: A.M. Olaniyan

Abstract: A small scale machine for recovering bush mango kernel from bush mango nut was designed, constructed and tested. Consideration was given to...

Authors: S.A. Aliu, Patrick Ebunilo

Abstract: Breaking of cocoa pods in order to release the beans presently constitutes a difficult task for Nigerian cocoa farmers. The traditional...

Authors: A.O. Adelaja, S.J. Ojolo, G.M. Sobamowo

Abstract: Most of the attempts made at designing shell and tube heat exchangers have been limited to thermal hydraulic design. This study however,...

Authors: C.O. Ilechie, A.O. Akii Ibhadode, B.O. Abikoye

Abstract: The oil palm (elaeis guneensis) is a very important economic crop in West Africa where it is native. The fruit bunch contains 23 to...

Authors: C.O. Ilechie, G.F. Aibangbee, S.R. Ogblechi, B.O. Abikoye

Abstract: In this work an electrically operated thermostatic multipurpose dryer is developed and evaluated. It measures 2,300mm long, 600mm wide and...

Authors: John A. Akpobi, R. O. Edokpia, M.H. Oladeinde

Abstract: In this work, computer aided design software for the analysis and design of Power Transmission Screws, is presented. In designing the...


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