Study on the Bearing Capacity and Ductility of Steel Reinforced Concrete T-Shaped Columns


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Compared with reinforced concrete shaped columns, bearing capacity and ductility of steel reinforced concrete shaped columns are significantly improved, so it is with theoretical significance and practical application of value to research. Based on the plain cross section presume, with material T-section boundary calculation unit, 15 steel reinforced concrete T-shaped columns(SRCTSC) have made nonlinear full-rang numerical analysis. It demonstrates that the most adverse curvature ductility load angle of SRCCRSC is 180°.Loading angle ( ), axial compression ratio ( ), and the ratio of spacing and diameter of longitudinal reinforcements (s/d) are the principal factors in curvature ductility of SRCTSC subjected to biaxial eccentric compression. It include 36 sets for load angle, 6 sets for axial load ratio, 3 sets for concrete strength, 3 sets for the content of steel, 2 sets for steel style, 3 sets for stirrup ratio, 3 sets for steel location, 3 sets for section size, 3 sets for stirrup diameter about SRCTSC. The ductile behavior of T-shaped, with calculating 1068 loading conditions, are investigated. It concluded that axial load ratio, load angle, and ratio of the spacing of stirrups and longitudinal reinforcement’s diameter (s/d) are most important factors.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 368-373)

Edited by:

Qing Yang, Li Hua Zhu, Jing Jing He, Zeng Feng Yan and Rui Ren




Z. Li et al., "Study on the Bearing Capacity and Ductility of Steel Reinforced Concrete T-Shaped Columns", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 368-373, pp. 28-32, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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