Study on Safety of the Fastener Tubular Steel Scaffolding


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Based on analysis of five different conditions’ full scale model tests of the fastener tubular steel scaffolding, the paper introduces that notional lateral loads can imitate the effect which generalized imperfections of the falsework(initial imperfections, node semi-rigid and so on) give the bracket’s stability capacity. According to the finite element software ANSYS, the falseworks’ stability capacities of different conditions have been imitated and analysed, Analysis results compare with test results. The final result indicates that it is reasonable that notional lateral loads in certain scope can imitate generalized initial imperfection. Research results can be used for on-site t technical personnels’ design and safety control.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 368-373)

Edited by:

Qing Yang, Li Hua Zhu, Jing Jing He, Zeng Feng Yan and Rui Ren




C. M. Hu et al., "Study on Safety of the Fastener Tubular Steel Scaffolding", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 368-373, pp. 771-776, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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