Basalt Fiber Reinforce Cement-Based Composite Materials


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In order to obtain the high performance cement-based consistent materials,the enhancement effect of basalt fiber was studied to develop the building mortar with a high flexural strength . Three factors such as basalt fibers fraction,water-cement ratio and sand-lime ratio are studied on compressive and flexural strength on 7 days and 28 days through the orthogonal experimental design and statistical analysis. According to project needs, the best combination of flexural strength is optimized. The enhancement mechanism and damage features are analyzed and evaluated by SEM, the result shows that the basalt fiber as enhanced component have a very good flexural strength enhancement effect, the maximum increased rate will reach 2.91 times. The effect on the strength of different age period is remarkable with different fiber fraction which is far greater than the water-cement ratio and sand-lime ratio. Basalt fiber have better physical and mechanical properties and better alkali resistance, some performance are second only to carbon fiber, and the cost of basalt fiber is far lower than carbon fiber, So the basalt fiber have a broad application prospects in the field of cement-based composite materials.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 374-377)

Edited by:

Hui Li, Yan Feng Liu, Ming Guo, Rui Zhang and Jing Du






M. Tang et al., "Basalt Fiber Reinforce Cement-Based Composite Materials", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 374-377, pp. 1837-1842, 2012

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October 2011




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