The Construction of Xi'an Overall Water Environment Based on the Eco-Permeable Transformation of City Hardened Surface


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Modern urban surface is gradually covered by water blocking material in China, it has been increasing the city and its surrounding areas on the ecological significance of the "man-made desert" effect. In this paper, taking Xi'an as an example, the authors discuss the possibility to build a whole city water environment through the transformation of city hardened of surface. Xi'an has obvious characteristics of seasonal rainfall, taking the transforming of city's eco-permeable surface as a starting point, will contribute to the gradual recovery of the city’s function as an ecological nodes and the basic "metabolism"; restoration and reconstruction of urban water environment, improving the living environment, highlighting the "Chang’an eight water" pattern and context features of the city.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 374-377)

Edited by:

Hui Li, Yan Feng Liu, Ming Guo, Rui Zhang and Jing Du






D. F. Yu and Q. Zheng, "The Construction of Xi'an Overall Water Environment Based on the Eco-Permeable Transformation of City Hardened Surface", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 374-377, pp. 721-727, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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