Characterization of Silicone Rubber Reinforced with Conductive Powder


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Conductive plastics are attracting more and more interest in electronics due to their light weight and inability to rust, which are common problems associated with metals. In this work silicone rubbers reinforced with conductive fillers have been fabricated for use in various applications in electronics, telecommunications, and electronics enclosures, or to protect human factor, namely protective clothing. This paper presents the results of experimental determinations concerning electromagnetic field attenuation in materials containing micro-particles of nanocarbon in their structure. To know the effect of shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic field electromagnetic absorbents were performed by transmission measurements of attenuation in the frequency range 1-18 GHz. The goal of present paper consits in the realization a composit material with polymeric matrix. The materials were characterized by transmision diminishing carried out, relative permittivity, compression test and electrical conductivity.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 378-379)

Edited by:

Brendan Gan, Yu Gan and Y. Yu






E. V. Stoian "Characterization of Silicone Rubber Reinforced with Conductive Powder", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 378-379, pp. 535-538, 2012

Online since:

October 2011




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