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This article utilities ocean battery drive LED lamp which is a symbol of NTOU. One of the renewable green energy is sea water existing by the nature. The sea water battery has convenience of usage and storage. LEDs will be a great benefit to the saving-energy and environmental protection in the lighting lamps region. When we consider that the choice for providing power type, origin and green, the ocean battery may offer the electric power of Direct Current (D.C.) for a long time which causing it unexpected deficient and does not cause the marine pollution. There are two experiments respectively to analyze that how long time the ocean battery can consume and these characteristics. One is to have the loading resistance 2.95 KΩ in order to form the circuit, lets the ocean battery discharge continually, each process 10 minutes later, gauges its voltage; Another lets the ocean battery itself nature electric discharge, uses the tri-ammeter to gauge the ocean battery voltage. Then we design a LED chart for NTOU fonts having dimensions of 2000 x 10 x 5 mm3 composing the soft LED lamp strip which weld them on the aluminum based plate as indicative lamp in the night navigation. The starting minimum voltage is 5 V and the maximum voltage is 12 V. The results show that so long as the ocean battery vibrates light flipping, the voltage starts unstable, will draw steady-state value after a few time. In other words, the air bubble will affect the voltage value in the ocean battery; therefore we must pay attention to solve this question.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 378-379)

Edited by:

Brendan Gan, Yu Gan and Y. Yu






J. C. Wang "LED with Ocean Battery", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 378-379, pp. 646-649, 2012

Online since:

October 2011





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