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Authors: Susan Drozdz, Vincent F. Hock, David Hurt, Stephen Maloney
Abstract:Scale, corrosion and the and biological growth in industrial water handling processes result in reduced water flow though pipes, reduced...
Authors: Georg Bockmair
Abstract:While chromates as anti-corrosion pigments in primers and wash primers have disappeared in most industries, there are still quite a lot of...
Authors: Monica Trueba, Stefano P. Trasatti
Abstract:An alternative approach was developed for surface treatment of as-received commercial AA 2024 T3 by using a pyrrole-based silane (SiPy). For...
Authors: H.M. Nykyforchyn, V.S. Agarwala, M.D. Klapkiv, V.M. Posuvailo
Abstract:Titanium, magnesium and zirconium alloys are widely used in industrial applications, which require high wear and corrosion resistance....
Authors: L. Anicai, A. Pertache, M. Buda, T. Visan
Abstract:The paper presents some preliminary experimental results dealing with electrochemical synthesis and corrosion behavior of various black...
Authors: Michele Curioni, Peter Skeldon, George E. Thompson, John Ferguson
Abstract:High strength aluminium alloys are widely used in the civil and military aerospace industry due to their low weight and high mechanical...
Authors: Raluca Fako, M. Soare
Abstract:The results of a failure investigation performed on a transportation pipeline for oil products (aromatics – water – DEG) are presented. The...
Authors: N.A. de Sánchez, Héctor Enrique Jaramillo Suárez (1), Z. Vivas, W. Aperador, C. Amaya, J.C. Caicedo
Abstract:CrN/ZrN (1, 8, 15, and 30) bilayers were deposited onto AISI 420 steel substrates at 250 °C and 6.6x10-3 mbar with gas ratio Ar/N2 50:3.0 as...
Authors: Vincent F. Hock, Orange Marshall, Michael McInerney, Sean Morefield
Abstract:In below-grade buildings and buried structures, such as those constructed as hardened secure facilities and used for munitions storage on...
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