Wireless Sensors with Advanced Detection and Prognostic Capabilities for Corrosion Health Management


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Analatom, Inc. is developing the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system using its Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) corrosion sensors combined with a Texas Instruments MSP430 microprocessor for lower weight, lower power, higher sensitivity, and lower cost than conventional sensor systems. The system provides both strain and corrosion measurements in a package a few mils thick. This combination of data provides critical assessment of structural health, leading to prediction of failure. The MEMS sensors are permanently installed in a highvalued structure, such as a building, bridge or aircraft, and are connected to a data acquisition node. Data transmission and downloading uses a MaxStream ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 compliant chip for a wireless, self-organizing network that has low power requirements. The sensor network provides a low-cost, non-intrusive way to detect failures, or to signal ahead of time that preventative maintenance needs to be undertaken to prevent future more expensive replacement. Analatom, Inc. has developed the basic technology for a Portable Maintenance Support Tool (PMST). The device is unique and novel in that it uses a Micro Controller Unit in a handheld device to perform data analysis whilst maintaining a link with a Personal Computer based database for further support. The handheld prototype with a Liquid Crystal Display (LED) touch screen GUI takes readings from a variety of sensors and transfers the data wirelessly to a central PC hub. The handheld unit using the downloaded data from the sensor network can then provide a graphic display and additionally transfer those data to a workstation for further data analysis. Analatom, Inc. builds on its corrosion system platform (sensors, data acquisition unit, data storage) to develop a multiplexed system to obtain data from a variety of sensors, while further developing real time intelligent algorithms to monitor corrosion rates.



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Vinod Agarwala, Francesco Bellucci, Mario Montuori and Juliet Ippolito






K. Kwan et al., "Wireless Sensors with Advanced Detection and Prognostic Capabilities for Corrosion Health Management", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 38, pp. 123-131, 2008

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March 2008




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