Measuring Rates and Impact of Corrosion on DOD Equipment


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A large scale atmospheric corrosion monitoring test was undertaken for the purpose of characterizing environmental severity. This work was conducted at ground based Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force sites. At present over 73 sites are in operation. This work adds to the existing worldwide databases to include new military and/or related sites not previously monitored. In addition and to the extent that such data are available, relevant weather data was collected from public or military sources in order to test existing corrosion algorithms for each site. Many of the 1 year exposures have been successfully completed. However, all of the exposures currently in progress will not be completed until early 2008. Sample analyses are in progress. New data have been obtained to show the important effects of sheltering on reducing corrosion rates. Data from Daytona Beach and Tyndall AFB show that even a relatively simple open structure/sunshade can reduce corrosion rates by factors of 2 or 3. New data are being reported on corrosion vs. distance from ocean. Data were also collected for the comparison of corrosion severity among commonly used test sites and within selected sites (multiple locations within a base.)



Edited by:

Vinod Agarwala, Francesco Bellucci, Mario Montuori and Juliet Ippolito






S. Morefield et al., "Measuring Rates and Impact of Corrosion on DOD Equipment", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 38, pp. 163-181, 2008

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March 2008




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