Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Guang Zhang, Yong Gang Yu

Abstract: In order to research thermal conductivity of fracture rock, fluid-heat coupling test and simulation are studied. Empirical equation of...

Authors: Zheng Ru Tao, Xia Xin Tao, Xi Wei Wang

Abstract: For regions without adequate strong ground motion records, a method is developed to establish strong ground motion attenuation...

Authors: Hui Fan Zheng, Cai Xia Zhu, Da Si He

Abstract: Combined with an independent residential construction, using cooling load coefficient method based on the DEST software, the hourly cooling...

Authors: Da Wang, Cheng Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a real-time GPU-based visualization of dynamic terrain in excavator simulator, which is an interactive system for the...

Authors: Xin Guang Li, Bing Yuan Han, Rong Hai Yang

Abstract: A numerical simulation model for gasoline engine was established by GT-POWER in order to study the NOx emissions characteristic of vehicle...

Authors: King Kung Wu, Wen Chung Chang

Abstract: Amorphous silicon (a:Si) recrystalized to poly-silicon (poly:Si) in different gas environments by excimer laser annealing (ELA) is studied....

Authors: Li Li Zhang, Dong Yang Lin

Abstract: Being a natural composite material, bamboo’s biological anatomy structure, chemical components and particularities in mechanical properties...

Authors: An Ying Liu, Fa Jie Wei

Abstract: Most new materials are not mature since there are all kinds of uncertainties due to many factors, such as technical complexity, shifting...

Authors: Xu Chen

Abstract: Color design plan for modern design provides a new way of thinking. Color design plan in product design, to design results promote a...


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