Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Fang Chen

Abstract: This paper describes the method to integrate the reverse engineering and rapid prototyping and analysis the characters and some key problems...

Authors: Li Feng, Yu Ce Wang

Abstract: Among the many super plasticizer, polycarboxylate super plasticizer because of its high water reduction rate, good slump, low admixing v...

Authors: Li Na Zhang, Su Zhen Wang

Abstract: The fluid-structure interaction (FSI) dynamic characteristics of steam generator tubes counting for much with safety of an operating nuclear...

Authors: Yong Hua Li, Jun Wang, Wei Ping Yan

Abstract: In China, coal combustion to generate electric power is the primary method, the energy-saving and emission reduction is the urgent task. At...

Authors: Miao Li, Jun Xia, De Juan Meng

Abstract: In this paper, detrended fluctuation analysis is used to calculate the Hurst exponent, the fractal dimensions and finally the climate...

Authors: Yi Wang, Hai Feng Cheng, Jun Wang, Yong Jiang Zhou

Abstract: Infrared emissivity of capacitive frequency-selective surfaces is affected by many factors, such as metal area, emissivity of medium part,...

Authors: Jin Dong, Fa Jie Wei

Abstract: At present, China's construction cost management lags far behind foreign countries, especially in the study on structural and material...

Authors: Jin Dong, Fa Jie Wei

Abstract: The life cycle performance indicator of construction engineering structure is the basic indicator of the core research indicator system of...

Authors: Zhen Zhong Shen, Hua Chun Ren

Abstract: According to the practical situation, the 3-D finite element model of Sandaowan underground powerhouse caverns on Taolai River is set up for...

Authors: Wei Wei Yu, Xiao Qin Guan, Yi Hui Li, Hang Lin

Abstract: Boundary conditions have great impact on the stability of three dimensional geo-material, like slope, which is one of the oldest...


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