Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hong Zhang, Ying Bo Liang

Abstract: By using non-negativity and support constraints recursive inverse filtering ,blind image restoration can be realized. But it’s difficult to...

Authors: Zhan Jie Wang, Li Jun Zhang

Abstract: Aiming at the most popular Hadoop's master/slaves architecture in cloud computing, this paper presents new distributed storage...

Authors: Xiao Fen Jia, Bai Ting Zhao, Zhen Bi Li

Abstract: To reduce the frequent occurrence accidents of mining areas, a set of monitoring system of monitoring the operational status of mining...

Authors: Feng Shan, Wen Sheng Wei

Abstract: A kind of amorphous/nanocrytalline Si (a-Si:H/nc-Si:H) PIN type tandem solar cell of TCO/a-SiC:H(p1)/buffer/a-Si:H(i1)/nc-Si:H(n1)/tunnel...

Authors: Jing Fan

Abstract: Supply chain scheduling problem is raised from modern manufacturing system integration, in which manufacturers not only process orders but...

Authors: Jing Fan

Abstract: In the actual industrial engineering, machines used for processing need to be checked periodically to ensure that they can work efficiently....

Authors: Zhen Bi Li, Yuan Yuan Jiang, Zi Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Along with the tension of global energy and the improvement of environmental awareness, more and more Research institute begin examining how...

Authors: Jian Lu, Ze Yi Liu

Abstract: Building upon our previous work for automatically generating colorful patterns with frieze and Crystallographic symmetries, we explore...


Abstract: Removed due to co-authors request.

Authors: Xu Ning Mao, Ji Shun Li, Yi Liu

Abstract: In this study, the dynamic characteristics of three-blade horizontal¬-axis wind turbines were simulated, based on the aerodynamic software...


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