Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Tao Xia, Lei Lei Gao, Xiao Chao Sun

Abstract: The standard uncertainty in the measurement theory is applied to evaluate the change of the rolling bearing vibration acceleration generated...

Authors: Da Jiang He, Heng Ling Yang, Jing Xiao, Jun Qu, Liang Yuan Liu

Abstract: The through-flow experiment in the simulated state of earth fault of various alloy materials were done, the variable parameters of...

Authors: Qing Hui Wang, Xiao Ying Chang

Abstract: ADI’s Blackfin561 has powerful image processing capabilities and a dedicated parallel peripheral interface. LCD has many advantages such as...

Authors: Hong Yun Zhou, Wen Jie Tian, You Bin Sun, Guang Li

Abstract: By energy trap theory and normalized criterion, this paper theoretical analyzed the mono-base multi-electrode quartz crystal resonator...

Authors: Wen Jie Tian, Hong Yun Zhou, You Bin Sun, Guang Li

Abstract: Based on the analysis of stress distribution in the medium of semi-infinite anisotropic thin medium plates with centralized forces, in the...

Authors: Wen Jie Tian, Hong Yun Zhou, You Bin Sun, Gui Feng Dong

Abstract: Stress distribution of the thin circular quartz crystal has been analyzed by ANSYS finite element simulation when subjected to radial force....

Authors: Wen Jie Tian, You Bin Sun, Hong Yun Zhou, Gui Feng Dong

Abstract: The force sensitive characteristic of integrated quartz crystal resonator assembled on one quartz crystal substrate with a certain radial...

Authors: Qing Xin Zhang, Jin Li, Hai Bin Li, Chong Liu

Abstract: In the technology of motor fault diagnosis, current monitoring methods have become a new trend in motor fault diagnosis. This paper presents...

Authors: Lei Lei Gao, Xin Tao Xia

Abstract: The friction torque of rolling bearings belongs to an information poor system with unknown probability distributions and trends. This...

Authors: Ren Wei Wu, Xing Qian Peng, Li Zhang

Abstract: As the "Fujian earth-building" have been inscribed by UNESCO in 2008 as World Heritage Site, attentions of protection about the "Fujian...


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