Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Qian Peng, Ling Lin Shi

Abstract: The wind conditions of the low-rise building in the mountain terrain are different because they have the characteristics of different...

Authors: Ying Wang, Xue Zhong Ai, Qi Liu, Ren Yu Liu

Abstract: This paper describes design process of thermocouple signal precise source. System-on-chip of C8051F410 is a key to signal source. It can...

Authors: Qi Liu, Xue Zhong Ai, Ying Wang, Ren Yu Liu

Abstract: In order to reduce development costs, improve system stability and reliability, we designed high precise temperature measuring system with...

Authors: Hui Yuan Zhang, Chun Wang Zhao, Jun Wen Guo, Jin Feng Hou

Abstract: Anisotropic etching process by potassium hydroxide (KOH) and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) mixed solution in the [100] orientation silicon wafer...

Authors: Yong Kang Xu, Lei Zhang, Xiao Ye Pan, Shi Fu Xu, Bo Hong Wang

Abstract: In order to analysis kinematics characteristic of space four bar linkage weft insertion mechanism and the influence on movement law by...

Authors: Liang Ming Hu, Dan Ying Gao, Yi Zhi Li, Shuai Qi Song

Abstract: Plastic concrete is a composite material between the normal concrete and clay, with its characteristics of long curing age and slowed growth...

Authors: Hsiau Hsian Nien, Chuan Kuei Huang, Ming Yu Wang, Chih Wei Lin, Shih Kuen Changchien

Abstract: This paper proposes a new estimation for the eddy-current loss of MnZn ferrite cores. The eddy-current loss plays a critical role in the...

Authors: Jin Bo Zhang, Yang Gao, Pei Hao

Abstract: In order to detect the overheating fault of high-voltage switch contacts in time, and enhance the reliability of power supply system, this...

Authors: Hong Lei Ma, Jian Feng Wang, Min Ji

Abstract: This paper analyzes in cold regions the impact of the roof on the building load, And a typical building, the use of DEST software simulation...

Authors: An Xu, Ruo Hong Zhao

Abstract: The process of calculating power spectrum density is introduced. The built fuction PSD in Matlab used in engineering field widely is...


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