Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Yan Li, Xian Yue Gang, Shan Chai

Abstract: The valve spring endures alternate load during work, whose dynamic response is vital to the whole performance of the engine valve system....

Authors: Yan Xia Ma

Abstract: With screen-printing method, the diode field emission display panel was fabricated. On the cathode back plane, the cross-like cathode...

Authors: Qi Ming Wang, Ke Jian Ma, Zhi Hua Chen, Tao Sun

Abstract: A new building system, which is called concrete grid framed tube with gypsum wall, is introduced in this paper. On the basis of an actual...

Authors: Jun Jie Gu, Dong Xu Wang, Yan Ling Ren

Abstract: In this paper, it is presented a method of the design and parameter calculation for state variable feedback control system of reheat steam...

Authors: Li Qiang Zhang, Ping Yang, Fang Wei Xie, Tao Xi, Xin Gang Yu, Xi Fu Song

Abstract: With the devices miniaturization, the properties of materials at the micro/nano scale were much different from what at Macro-scale because...

Authors: Xue Mei Yu, Wei Cheng, Shuang Wu

Abstract: The deformation of dynamic damage in a pressure-sensitivity media was investigated by means of spherical cavity expansion model. By...

Authors: Yan Xiao, Yun Yun Li, Kang Qu Zhou

Abstract: To kanban production system of a engine assembly shop as the empirical study, the simulation model of the Kanban production system about...

Authors: Li Juan Zhang, Yi Dong Xu, Lei Pan, Bing Bing Wang, Chi Lou

Abstract: Based on the technology of high performance concrete, high performance recycled pavement concrete (HPRPC) were developed by double -mixture...

Authors: Ming Tao Run, Feng Liu, Chun Yan Jiang, Na Li

Abstract: The blends of poly (trimethylene terephthalate)(PTT) and maleinized poly (octene-ethylene) copolymer (POE-MAH) were prepared by...

Authors: Ming Tao Run, Qing Han, Bing Tao Xing, Meng Yao

Abstract: The phase morphology, rheology, and crystallization properties of the PA6/PP-g-MAH/POE blends prepared by melt-blending method were studied...


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