Advanced Research on Advanced Structure, Materials and Engineering

Volume 382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Tao Run, Bing Tao Xing, Yan Ping Hao, Zi Yu Qi

Abstract: A series of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)/maleinized poly(octene-ethylene) copolymer blends are prepared and their melting,...

Authors: Wei Hong Wu, Xia Ye, Zhi Li, Ning Liu

Abstract: The flame retardancy of the wood samples treated with K2CO3, melamine modified phenolic resin (MMPR), and their...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Dong Ming Guo

Abstract: In practical work, implementation of the technology of aquifer thermal energy storage(ATES) is divided into energy storage phase and energy...

Authors: Biao Yang, Wei Li, Li Jun Liu, Jin Hui Peng, Li Bo Zhang, Shi Min Zhang, Sheng Hui Guo

Abstract: Support vector machines (SVMs) are a promising type of learning machine based on structural risk minimization and statistical learning...

Authors: Chang Huan Kou, Yan Ze Huang, Guang Yang, Shih Wei Ma, Tsung Ta Wu

Abstract: Considering Taiwan’s mountainous terrain and winding roads, the special-shaped arch bridge may exhibit superior adaptability; therefore, it...

Authors: Meng Cui, Hong Wei Kang, Zheng Wei Zhang

Abstract: Surface macro-texture in rigid pavements plays an important role in providing safety (providing skid reswastant surfaces) for the traveling...

Authors: Fei Fei Xu, Wen Min Wang, Zhang Lin Li, Hao Yan

Abstract: Polypyrrole (PPyr) film was synthesized in a supercritic al carbon dioxide ( ScCO2 ) / ionic liquid biphase system with...

Authors: Jing Yi Hou, Xiao Yan Han, Ye Zhang, Shu Ding, Lei Ye

Abstract: Molecular imprinting polymers (MIPs) are synthetic materials having specific cavities which are highly specific towards the template...

Authors: Yu Liang Qiu, Xiao Xu Zhang, Bao Tong Shi, Rui Huang, Qing Xia Zhang

Abstract: The crushing and loosening arised from the characteristics such as single particle, bad gradation, lacking of self-stability, low cohesion,...

Authors: Liang Sen Liu, Lei Lei Song, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: The tensile strength of 3-dimension-4-direction braided/epoxy resin composites after accelerated aging for different period of time at 180°C...


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