Study on the Degradation of Low Molecular Organics Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode


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Boron-doped diamond (BDD) electro- catalysis is one of the advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) can be widely applied in water treatment, because the unique physical and chemical properties enable BDD to be an ideal anode material in electrochemical oxidation of aqueous organic pollutants. In this work, electrocatalysis is conducted in research of treating isopropyl alcohol model wastewater and real wastewater of low molecular organics on BDD electrode. Experiments are performed both in static and dynamic mode with a batch reactor and a circulation cell, and the effect of current density is investigated. The results reveal the superiority of dynamic mode in treating model wastewater and real wastewater. And the optimum working currency density of dynamic electrocatalysis for model wastewater and real wastewater are 1.29mA/cm2 and 3.84mA/cm2, respectively.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 383-390)

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Wu Fan




F. Rong et al., "Study on the Degradation of Low Molecular Organics Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 383-390, pp. 3341-3345, 2012

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November 2011




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