Dynamic Topology Optimization for ATP Hanging Beam of EMU Bogie Based on Hyperworks


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To achieve the damping design of an EMU bogie, the dynamic topology optimization is performed to the ATP hanging beam of bogie. Based on the HyperWorks / OptiStruct platform,the static and modal analyses on ATP are realized with the help of the finite element method. Then, the dynamic topology optimization is carried out in which improving the first natural frequency by variable density method is the optimization objective and the volume fraction and stress are the constraints. This optimization improves the structure and increases the natural frequency of the hanging beam. The design requirements are therefore satisfied. With the rapid development of high speed intercity rail, it's time to solve the security risk problem of trains. Using as the key components of high-speed bogie, more reasonable, safer and more reliable structure of ATP (Automatic Train Protection) hanging beam is needed by means of structural optimization, since it can improve the natural frequency of structure and increase the life of hanging beam on the hypothesis of meeting the fatigue strength conditions. Structural optimization design is a modern design manner combining the optimization techniques with the finite element analysis technology. In accordance with the degree of difficulty, it can be divided into size optimization, geometry optimization and structural topology optimization. The structural optimization design is the most challenging area because of the complexity of theory and calculation [1]. With the development and progress of technology, the dynamic characteristics of topology optimization for structures (including the natural frequency, mode shape, damping and stiffness and mass distribution, etc.) are attracted more and more attention[2]. The research focus mainly concentrates on the engineering applications [3-6]. In this paper, the dynamic topology optimization to the ATP hanging beam on a bogie is implemented by using the advanced structural optimization software named HyperWorks based on HyperWorks / OptiStruct platform [7]. An effective improvement plan of the ATP hanging beam is also introduced.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 383-390)

Edited by:

Wu Fan






C. Y. Wan et al., "Dynamic Topology Optimization for ATP Hanging Beam of EMU Bogie Based on Hyperworks", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 383-390, pp. 5441-5446, 2012

Online since:

November 2011




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