Variable-Gain Cross Coupling Control for Linear Motor X-Y Table Based on Genetic Algorithm


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To achieve high precision contour tracking control for Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous motor drive X-Y table, genetic algorithm was used on PID controller parameters optimized. By the ability of gene mutation, the parameters were avoided falling into local optimum point. Consequently, the global optimal value can be found directly. Variable-gain cross coupling controller was used to compensate X-Y axis coupling error. Eventually the path tracking contour error is greatly reduced to the expected accuracy limits. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the designed control system make X-Y table possess high contour accuracy



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 383-390)

Edited by:

Wu Fan




L. M. Wang and Y. Pang, "Variable-Gain Cross Coupling Control for Linear Motor X-Y Table Based on Genetic Algorithm", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 383-390, pp. 7104-7110, 2012

Online since:

November 2011





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