Low-Speed Turning Back Simulation and Evaluation of a Car Based on ADAMS


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Vehicle’s turning back performance was an important aspect of handling and stability. Good and suitable turning back performance can reduce effectively the driver’s fatigue and busy. Taking a car for example, in the ADAMS software, the car’s dynamics model was established. According to ISO 4138 and ISO 8855-1991 standards, low-speed turning back virtual test was carried out, and then apply the QC/T 4801 1 999 limit vehicle handling and stability indicators and assessment methods to evaluate the results of the simulation, the result is 86.50835 points, indicating that the model performance of the low-speed turning back is very good.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 383-390)

Edited by:

Wu Fan






Y. C. Liu and L. Sun, "Low-Speed Turning Back Simulation and Evaluation of a Car Based on ADAMS", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 383-390, pp. 7444-7448, 2012

Online since:

November 2011





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