Processing Method and Property Studies of Composite Geotextiles


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The relations between properties and processing parameters of needle-punched composite geotextiles are tentatively discussed in the paper. In the meantime, a new kind of adhesive bonded composite geotextiles are developed in the laboratory. Then the hydrokenetic properties of the two composite geotextiles are analyzed and compared. The results were got that with the increment of needle-punching density, breaking strength, vertical permeate coefficient and O95 of needle-punched composite geotextiles are all increase, whereas peeling strength decreases. With the rise of needle-punching depth, the breaking strength decreases, but both peeling strength and O95 are increase. Meanwhile, with the rise of bonded area, adhesive bonded composite geotextiles have good permeate property. On the other hand, adhesive bonded composite geotextiles have similar peeling strength compared with needle-punched composite geotextiles, but manifested with better permeability.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 383-390)

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Wu Fan






Q. Cheng "Processing Method and Property Studies of Composite Geotextiles", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 383-390, pp. 958-962, 2012

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November 2011





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