Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rong Xia Sun, Lei Gao, Jian Kang, Pan Pan Huang, Yi Tian, Xiao Feng Chen

Abstract: Transforms the papermaking production line to spurt the code automatic detection separation system is the production of impending rapid...

Authors: Rong Xia Sun, Pan Pan Huang, Ning Ran, Jian Kang, Xiao Feng Chen, Yi Tian

Abstract: Multi-PH value system detecting system is maked with AT89C52 MCU as the control center. Detecting uses pH-BTA sensor, signals are...

Authors: Wen Liang Wu, Xia Jie Jin, Ke Li Xing

Abstract: This paper uses the Pro/E software for 3D solid modeling and use its Pro/NC module automatically generated NC code of valve block, and...

Authors: Yan Shi, Ai Guo Li, Lin Wang

Abstract: In the production process of electronic Instrument Clusters (IC) used in automobiles, a need for automated inspection of dynamic...

Authors: Wei Xing Xu, Ming Yue Fan

Abstract: The impeller of submersible mixer in some sewage treatment plant, whose parts are imported from other countries, is heavily abased. To solve...

Authors: Li Ming Liang, Fa Lu Weng, Yuan Chun Ding

Abstract: In this paper the problem of robust stability and stabilization of a class of uncertain singular Systems with uncertainties in both the...

Authors: Yuan Yun Song, Wan Chun Chen, Xing Liang Yin

Abstract: An approach for estimation to states of missile guidance based on predictive filtering is derived for the measurement process with high and...

Authors: Fang Liu, Wan Chun Chen

Abstract: A nonlinear two time-scale dynamic inversion controller is designed. Actuator saturation in the spinning missile will limit the control...

Authors: Fa Rong Kou

Abstract: Actuator is a key factor for vehicle active suspension. A new vehicle active suspension is put forward based on the Electro-Hydrostatic...


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