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Authors: G.N. Greaves, M.C. Wilding, F. Kargl, L. Hennet
Abstract:An overview is given of recent advances in the experimental physics of supercooled liquids and glasses. These are described in the context...
Authors: Petru Baltă
Abstract:The heterogeneous character of the glass structure is, from long-time, in the attention of researchers. Some calculation methods for...
Authors: Daniel Caurant, Arnaud Quintas, Odile Majérus, Thibault Charpentier, I. Bardez
Abstract:The structure of a seven oxide aluminoborosilicate simplified nuclear glass, bearing a high amount of neodymium or lanthanum oxide (16 wt%),...
Authors: Natalia Karpukhina, Robert V. Law, Robert G. Hill
Abstract:Fluorine containing calcium aluminosilicate glasses are widely used for a number of technological applications including dental cements,...
Authors: A.A. Onushchenko, Valerii V. Golubkov, Alexander A. Zhilin
Abstract:Formation processes and morphology of nanostructured glass ceramic materials containing finely dispersed lead sulfide crystalline phase has...
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