Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: František Novotný, Rostislav Lošot

Abstract: Primary chemical reactions among the raw materials composing the batch give rise to various transitory intermediate products. Their...

Authors: František Novotný, Marcel Horák

Abstract: In the study, the mechanical behaviour of the robot, end effector – object – end effector, robot system is analyzed in terms of external...

Authors: Philip Simons, Andries Habraken

Abstract: In the simulation package GTM-X two methods are available that approximate the electric potentials in the glass melt in the presence of...

Authors: Vladislava Tonarová, Lubomír Nĕmec

Abstract: The fining process may be enhanced by acting of additive force on bubbles in the glass melt. This study deals with behaviour of single...

Authors: Antonín Lisý, Josef Smrček

Abstract: The released electric energy in the melting tank, the distribution of temperatures in the glass melt and by them generated the flow...

Authors: Oleg A. Prokhorenko

Abstract: The present paper describes an overview of mathematical modeling of the glass melting process inside an open-top skull furnace having DC...

Authors: Miroslav Rada, Jan Vršovský

Abstract: The paper deals with the effect of chemically and physically bonded water in the batch on the fining process of lead crystal containing...

Authors: Christoph Berndhäuser, Ulrich Lange

Abstract: In glass manufacturing a variety of different forming processes is used to meet product requirements like shape and quality but also...

Authors: Gerard de Leede, Rik Koch, Vincent Bouwman, Gertjan Kloosterman

Abstract: Production of glass bottles requires blowing of the glass after entrance of a gob of molten glass in the blank mould. The final shape of...

Authors: E. Greiner-Wronowa

Abstract: Glass decoration elements have been known for centuries. Many of them are preserved in a good shape. Actually the glass production...


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