Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

Volumes 39-40

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vlastimil Hotař

Abstract: Applications of vision systems for control and monitoring are becoming more widespread. However, there are still specific problems in the...

Authors: Huey Jiuan Lin, Fu Yuang Hsu, Wei Kuo Chang

Abstract: The overflow fusion process was an important method for the manufacture of glass sheet that is currently used for the production of TFT/LCD...

Authors: Pavel Jirman, Ivo Matoušek

Abstract: Improving technology and materials in glass production for the 21st century supposes implementation of high-level innovations. These...

Authors: Norbert Krečmer, Marek Liška, Josef Chocholoušek, Peter Vrábel

Abstract: Consistent model including structural relaxation is necessary for correct glass stress calculation in numerical computations of glass...

Authors: Ivo Matoušek

Abstract: In the contribution problem of dynamic loading of glass moulds is analysed. Possibilities of FEM for evaluation of tensile states initiated...

Authors: Hayo Müller-Simon, Peter Griebenow

Abstract: Zinc selenite, calcium selenite and metallic selenium have been consecutively introduced as decolorizing agents in a flint glass...

Authors: Petr Salač, Marcel Horák

Abstract: Recent trends in architecture are characterized with wide applications of laminated glass plates in facing systems of high-rise buildings,...

Authors: Frédéric Soulié, Norbert Siedow, John Anton, Dominique Lochegnies

Abstract: Flat glass disks are thermally tempered by air-cooling with two air jets at the centre of their surfaces. Numerical modelling and...

Authors: Angelo Agostino, R. Falcone, M. Vallotto, M. Verità

Abstract: Portable energy-dispersive micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (-EDXRF) is a useful device for non-destructive chemical analysis of...

Authors: S. Bielecki, Manuela Reben, Jan Wasylak

Abstract: The goal of the work was to determine and characterize the inclusions of nickel sulphide in tempered glass. During the tempering process...


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