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Authors: Marcin Drajewicz, Jan Wasylak
Abstract:New refining technology of soda – lime – silicon glassy surfaces with aluminum compounds nano-molecules has been presented in the present...
Authors: Helena Hradecká, Dana Rohanová
Abstract:Decoration of glass by a thin layer of golden or luster solutions demands a high quality of the glass surface, decorating solutions, as well...
Authors: H. Niciu, Dorel Radu, C. Onose, A. Ioncea, Daniela Niciu, H. Stroescu, C.S. Onose
Abstract:Alkaline earth metal silicates as well as many polyvalent metals silicates can be obtained through aqueous solutions reactions between an...
Authors: Stefan Reinsch, Martin Gaber, Ralf Müller, Wolfgang A. Schiller
Abstract:Green compacts of ceramics, glass ceramic composites and sinter glass ceramics contain different amounts of organic materials added as...
Authors: Janka Sabošová, Peter Vrábel, Pavol Šajgalík
Abstract:Mouth rim is a tableware quality issue perceived by customer in a very sensitive way. Investigation and evaluation of importance of main...
Authors: Nobuyuki Kido
Abstract:In these years, glass industry has several problems to solve which are derived from environmental protection, energy saving, resource...
Authors: Michael Dunkl
Abstract:In this paper the formation of boundary layers and their behaviour regarding corrosion and glass defect potential of different...
Authors: Bernhard Fleischmann
Abstract:A part of a soldier block, placed in a float glass furnace near the hot spot area, was investigated to learn about the changes in the...
Authors: Hans Peter Martinz, Brigitte Nigg, Jiri Matej, Manfred Sulik, Heike Larcher
Abstract:The SIBOR® (Si-10B-2C) oxidation protective coating was applied onto molybdenumand molybdenum – 3 wt% zirconia samples by APS (= Atmospheric...
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