Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Jean Pierre Meynckens, Benoît Cherdon

Abstract: The function of regenerators is to use the thermal energy of the waste gases to preheat the combustion air and thereby provide better heat...

Authors: Pavel Hrma, Albert A. Kruger

Abstract: This contribution addresses various aspects of nuclear waste vitrification. Nuclear wastes have a variety of components and composition...

Authors: K. Gitzhofer

Abstract: For boron containing glasses, you have to consider a gaseous fraction in the exhaust gas besides the particulate boron compounds. Within...

Authors: A. Neumann, W. Wilsmann, Reinhard Conradt

Abstract: Nowadays, it is an operational routine to clean the flue gases from glass furnaces to remove noxious air pollutant substances. The...

Authors: Hans van Limpt, Ruud Beerkens, Marco van Kersbergen

Abstract: Relatively small changes in glass composition might have drastic consequences on the evaporation rates of volatile glass components in...

Authors: Adriana Diaconu, Bogdan Alexandru Sava, Luminita Daniela Ursu, Ileana Mitiu, Elisabeta Rosu, Dorel Radu, Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Mihai Eftimie

Abstract: The paper follows both the national preservation and durable managing policy, as well as the European laws for the area of environmental...

Authors: Vasilica Dima, Adrian Volceanov, Mihai Eftimie, Adriana Petrescu, Maria Ionescu, Nicolae Ziman, Eniko Volceanov

Abstract: The main purpose of the paper is to present results of experiments concerning E-glass fibers waste with a content of 7% B2O3 for obtaining...

Authors: Bogdan Alexandru Sava, Adriana Diaconu, Luminita Daniela Ursu, Lucica Boroica, M. Elisa, Cristiana Eugenia Ana Grigorescu, Ileana Cristina Vasiliu, I. Stamatin, F. Nastase, Claudia Nastase, Anca Dumitru

Abstract: The investigated ecological glasses with no toxic compounds, such as BaO, PbO, As2O3, As2O5, fluorine, CdS and CdSe in their composition...

Authors: Pawel Stoch

Abstract: Vitrification has been recognized as the best method of the neutralization and immobilization of the radioactive and toxic wastes. Toxic...


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