Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Lyubomir Aleksandrov, Reni Iordanova, Yanko B. Dimitriev, Katsumi Handa, Junko Ide, Margarita Milanova

Abstract: Novel low melting glasses in the MoO3-La2O3-Nd2O3 system were obtained at different cooling rates (102 K/s and 104-105 K/s)....

Authors: A. Anan’ev, L. Maksimov

Abstract: Spatial distribution of heavy metal ions (HMI) in inorganic glass forming melts was studied by measuring HMI distribution coefficient...

Authors: Albena Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, Reni Iordanova, Yanko B. Dimitriev

Abstract: Selenite glasses are a new class of amorphous materials which are interesting mainly from a scientific point of view and they are not yet...

Authors: G.G. Boiko, G.V. Berezhnoi

Abstract: The specific features of the dynamics of oxygen ions in Ме2O · SiO2 (Ме = Li, Na, K, Cs) and Na2O·ZnO·P2O5 melts at а temperature of 2000 K...

Authors: Georgi Chernev, B. Samuneva, P. Djambaski, L. Kabaivanova, E. Emanuilova, I.M. Miranda Salvado, Ai Ying Wu

Abstract: The main purpose of the present work is the sol-gel synthesis, structure and application of hybrid inorganic–organic hybrids based on...

Authors: E. Diamanti, A. Lekatou, T. Matikas, M.A. Karakassides

Abstract: In the light of environmental perspective, clay minerals attract special interest because of their capability to absorb and chemically...

Authors: M. Elisa, Ileana Cristina Vasiliu, Cristiana Eugenia Ana Grigorescu, B. Grigoras, H. Niciu, Daniela Niciu, Aurelia Meghea, Nicoleta Iftimie, Maria Giurginca, Patrascu Roxana, Joe Trodahl, M. Dalley

Abstract: A wet non-conventional method for preparing aluminophosphate glasses is presented. Aluminophosphate glasses belonging to the oxide system...

Authors: Ondrej Gedeon, Soňa Charvátová, Jan Macháček

Abstract: Alkali-silicate glass irradiated with electrons of the medium energy becomes to be fully depleted of alkali ions after some time. The...

Authors: U. Hoppe, G. Walter, R.K. Brow, N.P. Wyckoff

Abstract: An increase of the Ge–O coordination numbers (NGeO) from 4 to 5 with decreasing GeO2 content is obtained by diffraction on K2O-GeO2-P2O5...

Authors: Reni Iordanova, Lyubomir Aleksandrov, Angelina Stoyanova, Yanko B. Dimitriev

Abstract: Low melting glasses in the MoO3-Nd2O3-Bi2O3 system were obtained at slow (102 K/s) and high cooling rates (104-105 K/s). The amorphous...


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