Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Y.Y. Ivanova, Y.E. Vueva

Abstract: Multicomponent (Ti, Zr, Al, B) silicon oxycarbide glasses and nanocomposite materials were derived after pyrolysis of gel hybrid structures...

Authors: J. Kraxner, R. Klement, Mária Chromčíková, Marek Liška

Abstract: High temperature viscosity and density of glass melts, glass transition temperature, and thermal expansion coefficient of glasses from the...

Authors: Jan Macháček, Soňa Charvátová, Ondrej Gedeon, Marek Liška

Abstract: This work aims to explore possible applications of the ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) in modeling of the soda-lime-silica (NCS) glass...

Authors: M. Mlejnek, S. Kuchinsky

Abstract: We present numerical studies of possible modifications of SiOH groups in “wet” SiO2 glass with 193 nm laser irradiation. We focus on...

Authors: P. Perichta, Marek Liška, Jan Macháček, Ondrej Gedeon

Abstract: The ab-initio molecular dynamics (MD) calculations of the yttrium - aluminate binary system 23Y2O3·77Al2O3 were performed with help of the...

Authors: Jiří Šubčík, Ladislav Koudelka, Petr Mošner, Zdeněk Černošek

Abstract: The glasses of the series (1-x)[0.5ZnO-0.1B2O3-0.4P2O5]-xMoO3 with 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.6 were prepared by slow cooling of the melt. These glasses...

Authors: Natalia M. Vedishcheva, Boris A. Shakhmatkin, Adrian C. Wright

Abstract: This paper considers a rigorous thermodynamic approach that can be used for calculating a variety of glass properties and the content of...

Authors: Peter Bury, Peter Hockicko, Miroslav Jamnický

Abstract: Dynamic processes in glassy materials with ionic conductivity are extremely important since the ion transport significantly affects their...

Authors: L. Landa, S. Thomsen, R. Hulme

Abstract: A general condition of transformation of a liquid or a crystal into a glass according to results of measurements of specific heats and...

Authors: Victor Minaev, Igor Terashkevich, Sergey Timoshenkov, Victor Kalugin, Sergey Novikov

Abstract: The new conception of the polymeric-polymorphoid structure of glass and glassforming liquid of individual chemical substances (ICS) is...


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