Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Adrian Volceanov

Abstract: Basicity of glass is still a challenge in spite of various attempts to measure or calculate it. The values assigned for basicity of...

Authors: Tanguy Rouxel, Hui Ji, Vincent Keryvin, Tahar Hammouda, Satoshi Yoshida

Abstract: Although Poisson's ratio (ν) is a macroscopic elastic parameter it depends much on the fine details of the atomic packing. Glasses exhibit...

Authors: A.I. Priven, O.V. Mazurin

Abstract: Specific features of two global glass property databases, Interglad and SciGlass, are described. It is shown that the Interglad database is...

Authors: V. Pukh, L. Baikova, M. Kireenko, L. Tikhonova

Abstract: The features of anomalous behavior of silica glass doped with titanium oxide are discussed. The low thermal expansion of silica glass is...

Authors: Shao Xiong Shen, Animesh Jha

Abstract: The ternary tellurite glass structure (TeO2-ZnO-Na2O) was analysed using the Raman spectroscopy in the range of 300-1000 cm-1. The...

Authors: Mária Chromčíková, Marek Liška

Abstract: The mathematical model of the stress-strain curve of the strand of glass fibers was proposed and applied on the experimental data obtained...

Authors: Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Dorel Radu

Abstract: In present paper there are presented such correlations for the silica-alkali systems (M2O – SiO2) where reliable thermodynamic data exists...

Authors: Radovan Karell, Mária Chromčíková, Marek Liška

Abstract: Viscosity, density, thermal expansion, glass transition temperature, refractive index, molar refraction, and chemical durability of...

Authors: Elena Kashchieva, Nikolai Dulguerov, Anna Staneva, Yanko B. Dimitriev

Abstract: Glasses have been synthesized in the system La2O3-PbO-MnO-B2O3 varying the MnOcontent in large compositional range between 10 and 70 mol%....

Authors: Petr Mošner, Ladislav Koudelka, Josef Jirák, Miroslav Vlček

Abstract: Lithium-lead phosphate and borophosphate glasses were studied in compositional series of xLi2O-(50-x)PbO-50P2O5,...


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