Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Elisabeth Becker, Andreas Prange, Reinhard Conradt

Abstract: In the last step of fabrication, optical and fine-optical glasses are polished to fulfill the optical requirements for their surfaces. The...

Authors: Delia S. Brauer, Natalia Karpukhina, Daphne Seah, Robert V. Law, Robert G. Hill

Abstract: Fluoride is an important mineral for hard tissues in the body and appropriate fluoride exposure and usage are beneficial to bone and tooth...

Authors: Marie Helene Chopinet, M. Verità, R. Falcone, P. Lehuédé, M. Vallotto, Michele Nardone, A. Sodo

Abstract: In a previous paper the weathering of the internal surface of empty glass containers before filling was investigated. Several phenomena...

Authors: Robert L. Jones

Abstract: This paper examines the leaching patterns of pyruvic acid, and relates this to similar patterns of oxalic, glyoxylic and malonic acids in a...

Authors: Melek Orhon, İlkay Sökmen, Gülçin Albayrak

Abstract: Dishwasher resistance of glass articles is one of the most important quality criteria for glass tableware manufacturer. Dishwasher...

Authors: Viera Petrušková, Peter Vrábel, Pavol Šajgalík
Authors: J. Šesták, Z. Strnad, J. Strnad, Miroslav Holeček, N. Koga

Abstract: Some historical and recent attitudes aimed to bioactive inorganic materials are reviewed. The theory of bridging and non-bridging oxygen is...

Authors: L. Stoch, I. Wacławska, Magdalena Szumera

Abstract: Glasses from the SiO2–P2O5–MgO–CaO–K2O system, hardly soluble in water, but possessing capability of self – degradation in soil...

Authors: Susanne Taipale, Paul Ek, Mikko Hupa, Leena Hupa

Abstract: A method for measuring the early stage ion release of glasses was developed in order to gain information on leaching kinetics and chemical...

Authors: Lukáš Brázda, Jarmila Studničková, Petr Exnar, Aleš Helebrant

Abstract: To avoid the risk of cancer or respiratory diseases, nanofibres have to biodegrade in lung fluid when inhaled. There are two main factors...


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