Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Viliam Pavlík, Eugen Jóna, Martina Sapietová, Soňa Šnircová

Abstract: The glasses with composition of Li2O . 2 SiO2 . n ZrO2 . n TiO2 (where n = 0; 0.015; 0.031; 0.050; 0.075; 0.1; 0.15; 0.2) were prepared and...

Authors: Jülide Bayram, Levent Kaya, Barış Orhan

Abstract: This paper covers the experiences of the authors based on the studies and developments made within the company over the years, where...

Authors: Miroslava Arkosiová, Jaroslav Kloužek, Lubomír Nĕmec

Abstract: The impact of sulphur compounds on the sand dissolution process and foaming was investigated in the model soda-lime-silica glass with...

Authors: Petra Cincibusová, Lubomír Nĕmec, Jiří Brada

Abstract: The high utilization of the melting space for the bubble removal processes asks for the detailed examination of fining space geometry and...

Authors: Bo Jonson, Björn Zethræus, Ruud Beerkens, Adriaan Lankhorst

Abstract: The technological needs to achieve CO2 neutrality during glass manufacturing have been investigated by theoretical calculations on energy...

Authors: Stanislav Kasa

Abstract: The power density in glass melts has been studied at different arrangements of electrodes in all-electric melting furnace. Bottom, top and...

Authors: Detlef Köpsel, Markus Booβ, M. Opyd, Maria Louisa Aigner

Abstract: Diffusivities of nitrogen and argon in a borosilicate glass were determined with two different methods: (1) from gas exchange experiments...

Authors: Paul Laimböck

Abstract: In-line oxygen sensors have been developed for the glass melt and for the float bath. Glass melt oxygen sensors are used for the continuous...

Authors: H.P.H. Muijsenberg, Marketa Muijsenberg, J. Chmelar

Abstract: Mathematical modelling is reaching a high acceptance level within the glass industry. Today most new furnaces are being modelled before the...

Authors: Lubomír Nĕmec, Marcela Jebavá

Abstract: The values of the specific energy consumption and the melting performance calculated from laboratory measurements of soda-lime-silica glass...


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