Treatment of Ammonia-Nitrogen Wastewater by Electrodialysis


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The ammonia-nitrogen wastewater was purified by using electrodialysis (ED) device in this paper. The NH4Cl solution was used as the artificial ammonia-nitrogen wastewater. Various unsteady factors in the experiment may cause the concentration polarization phenomenon, which may have negative effect on ED cell performance and its lifetime. The limiting voltage was confirmed as 12V in this study. At steady-state operation condition of ED, the outlet concentration was measured at different operation voltages, feed concentrations, and concentrations ratio of two cells. The efficiency of ammonia-nitrogen removal was evaluated in different conditions by a factorially designed experiment. The results from the experiment indicate the best process conditions for the ED, that is, the voltage was 12V, and the concentrations ratio of two cells was 1:3. It seems that the ammonia-nitrogen removal is more effective for a higher feed concentration stream.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 391-392)

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H.M. Zhang and B. Wu




H. P. Song et al., "Treatment of Ammonia-Nitrogen Wastewater by Electrodialysis", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 391-392, pp. 1346-1349, 2012

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December 2011




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