Study on Quality Control Technology for Square/Round Billet in Panzhihua Steel


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The continuous casting technologies of the new square/round billet continuous caster in Panzhihua Steel have been studied. And on this basis, the effect of process parameters of primary cooling, mold powder, secondary cooling and electromagnetic stirring (EMS) on billet quality is investigated. With these studies, the continuous casting process is optimized, and the quality of square/round billet is improved as well. Comprehensive technologies for quality control of square/round billet in Panzhihua Steel have been proposed. The results of industrial tests show that the accept rate of surface quality for square billet is 98.44%, and that is 97.42% for round billet; the comprehensive rate below level 1.0 of internal defects of center porosity, center segregation and center cracks is more than 97%, and carbon segregation index is in the range of 0.93~1.09. The quality of square/round billet can meet the requirement of consumers absolutely.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 396-398)

Edited by:

Yanxuan Wen and Fuhou Lei




H. Pan et al., "Study on Quality Control Technology for Square/Round Billet in Panzhihua Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 396-398, pp. 1138-1144, 2012

Online since:

November 2011




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