Design and Simulation a Low Voltage Actuated RF MEMS Switch with Improve RF Characteristics


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This paper present, the design and simulation of the Ka to v band RF-MEMS capacitive switch. The mechanic design and analysis of the RF-MEMS switches are based on both the finite element method and the full-wave electromagnetic simulation. A double-beam switch with a high impedance short transmission line is proposed to improve RF characteristics. The electronic characteristics, of the switches including insertion and return losses in up-state position, were more than -0.11 dB and less than -23 dB , respectively and isolation on down-state position was more than -30 dB on 50 GHZ frequency. In order to make lower actuated voltage, a serpentine spring folded suspension beam and low actuated area were used so that some important issues such as life and reliability of switch were considered in design.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 403-408)

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Li Yuan




T. Z. Ershadi et al., "Design and Simulation a Low Voltage Actuated RF MEMS Switch with Improve RF Characteristics", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 403-408, pp. 4199-4204, 2012

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November 2011




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