Innovation Drivers Analysis of the Medium and Small-Sized Enterprises in Jilin Province


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As an important force of innovation, SMEs’ innovation ability directly affects the process of innovation in China. Innovation activities of SMEs in Jilin Province reflected unclear innovation strategy, inadequate investment, lack of creative talents and so on. Technology Innovation of motivation can be divided into external motivation and internal motivation. In the the lower stage, innovative depends on external motivation and in the the higher stage, innovative depends on internal motivation. External motivation includes external technical systems self-renewal, market competition and government policy guidance. While internal motivation includes the mission of entrepreneurs, corporate middle backbone technology innovation passion and the enterprise culture of innovation.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 403-408)

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Li Yuan




B. Y. Dong, "Innovation Drivers Analysis of the Medium and Small-Sized Enterprises in Jilin Province", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 403-408, pp. 5172-5176, 2012

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November 2011





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