Structural Integrity and Failure, 2008

Volumes 41-42

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.P. Li, G.P. Zhang, Z.G. Wang

Abstract: Nano-scale Au/Cu multilayers were investigated by nano/microindentation. It was found that the hardness of the multilayers increases with...

Authors: J.P. Wu, T.B. Kirk

Abstract: Articular cartilage is a semitransparent elastic material that covers on the two articulating bones in synovial joints. It acts as a...

Authors: Y.Q. Wu, Han Huang, Jin Zou

Abstract: In this work, deformation of monocrystalline silicon (Si) under nanoscratching was investigated using transmission electron microscopy...

Authors: Sarah Lam, Kimble Halliday, Tarek Qasim

Abstract: The effects of cyclic loading on contact damage in curved bi-layer systems are investigated. Dome structures consisting of glass shells,...

Authors: Chun Sheng Lu

Abstract: Two available strength data sets of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes are analysed, and the effects of sample sizes on their...

Authors: Tarek Qasim, Xiao Zhi Hu, Mark Bush

Abstract: This paper summarizes some of the recent advances that have been made as a result of contact damage tests on bi-layer structures containing...

Authors: Zhi Meng Xiu, Yi Liu, Ji Guang Li, Di Huo, Xiao Dong Li, Xu Dong Sun, Kai Duan, Xiao Zhi Hu

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) powder was synthesized by a sol-gel method with Ca(OH)2 and H3PO4 as reactants. The HA granules were then coated with...


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