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Authors: Tirumalai S. Srivatsan, C. Godbole, Muralidharan Paramsothy, Manoj Gupta
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Abstract:Carbon nanotubes (CNT)-reinforced magnesium alloy (AZ31) was fabricated using the technique of solidification processing followed by hot...
Authors: John P. Gyekenyesi
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Abstract:Because of their well known specific strength, stiffness and excellent durability properties, advanced composites are being considered for...
Authors: Nobuo Takeda, Shu Minakuchi, Takahide Umehara, Ito Yusaku
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Abstract:This study demonstrated fiber-optic-based life cycle monitoring of an L-shaped carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) part. Fiber Bragg...
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Abstract:Energy has always played a critical role in every country’s prosperity, environment and security. This critical topic has recently been...
Authors: A. Crosky, Mindy Loo, Mohd Zakaria, Paresh Parmar, Andrew Beehag, Kok Hoong Leong
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Abstract:Natural fibres obtained from plant sources are attractive as a replacement for glass fibres in fibre reinforced plastic composites because of...
Authors: Yan Li
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Abstract:Plant fibers are promising reinforcements for use in composite materials due to the low cost, high specific strength and modulus, easy...
Authors: Jin Song Leng
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Abstract:Stimulus-active polymers can change their shapes with respect to configuration or dimension upon exposure to a particular stimulus such as...
Authors: S. Rao, D. Liu, P. Jaiswal, Sudip Ray, Debes Bhattacharyya
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Abstract:The motivation for the need of small-scale devices has made thin films technologically important in the recent years. They have found...
Authors: Chang Chun Ge
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Abstract:Now, over 90% of energy is produced by fossil fuel including coal, oil and natural gas, etc. With the time go on and the same consumption...
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